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The Benefits of Home Staging

March 23, 2016

One of the most popular real estate trends in recent years: home staging. When it’s done well, staging your home can be incredibly effective. Real estate professionals and home sellers all over the country have implemented home staging techniques and because of that, homes can sell faster! Not sure if home staging really works? Check out the top three benefits of having your home staged.

Advantage #1:  Staging helps create an emotional connection.
When your home is staged well, potential homebuyers can visualize themselves in the space.  When it comes to home shopping, potential home buyers will use their emotions as part of the decision making process, so they will remember how the home made them feel when they entered and walked around it. The emotional connection with the house happens almost immediately upon seeing it, so making a great first impression is vital.   

Advantage #2: Good pictures make the home more desirable.  
Prospective home buyers often spend hours upon hours searching homes online before they decide they want to go see them. If the pictures of the homes online offer no visual appeal, they may just simply pass by the home altogether, simply because they don’t see any value in seeing it in person. Staging the home means that your pictures will turn out better and in turn, give you the visual edge that you will need to get buyers to set up showings. 

Advantage #3:  Staged homes compete better in the market.
By staging, you are able to showcase the best parts of your home.  You’ll create the opportunity for potential buyers to see the advantages of your home over others that they have seen during their search. Staging also presents a great impression when the appraiser arrives. 

Professional staging will give you a competitive advantage in a real estate market that is incredibly hot. Showcase and feature the unique parts of your home and reveal why your home is special! Get your home staged today!

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