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How to care for your lawn during August

Here are some helpful tips for lawn care in August.

Tip #1: Mow your lawn regularly. Don’t neglect mowing. Have a regular lawn mowing schedule, and when you’re mowing, keep the lawnmower on the longest blade setting. The hot days of August can really scorch your grass and turn it brown, but if you mow the grass often and keep it a little longer, it can help provide shade to the blades, keeping the moisture in for a longer period of time.

Tip #2: Keep the weeds away. If you notice weeds starting to creep in, pull them as soon as you see them. An occasional weed won’t cause too much damage to your lawn, but if you let the weeds accumulate, they will take away moisture from the grass and you’ll notice that the grass will start getting brown or yellow. The grass needs as much moisture as possible during the summer to keep it looking good, so keeping weeds away will help avoid moisture from being sucked away from the lawn.

Tip #3: Aerate the lawn. Keeping your lawn aerated can be a great way to allow more oxygen into the soil and allow moisture to reach the roots of the lawn. This means your grass will stay greener for longer.

Tip #4: Use organic fertilizer. Try not to deprive your lawn from vital nutrients. Consider using organic fertilizer such as compost to help your lawn growing and looking good. This will allow the lawn to absorb the nutrients it needs and stay healthy and because of that, it can reduce the need to water up to 75%.

Keeping your lawn beautiful in the summer means you’re setting the tone for a beautiful lawn during the upcoming fall months!

Note: Some Oklahoma residents are experiencing a water conservation restriction, which means you may not be able to water your lawn. However, lawns are quite resilient and can generally survive quite a while without water.

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