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DIY Patio Decorating

June 13, 2016

Spring is here and summer weather is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to sit outside on your patio and breathe in the fresh air. Looking for some fun ways to decorate your patio without spending a lot? Here are a few simple ideas for creating a tranquil patio environment for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Idea #1:
Shop around for fun refurbished or recycled pieces.
Shabby chic style is incredibly popular these days and there are definitely some amazing unique used pieces out there if you look hard enough! Check estate sales, flea markets, or other shops that are known to have vintage décor or furniture that will be one of a kind. For example, do you love the look of old, dark wood? Check for oak barrels or other repurposed wood products that have been crafted into chairs, picnic tables, or end pieces. This will give your patio or outdoor space a distinct vineyard-style look to it.

Idea #2:
Add more lighting.
Spring and summer evenings call for relaxing time outside, sitting in your favorite cozy chair, patio swing, or Adirondack chair. As the sun begins to set, it’s often fun to sit outside and enjoy the summer air and the sounds of nature, but the darkness can put a damper on things. So, add some ambiance with lighting. Add ground lighting around the patio, string lights around the space, put vintage lanterns on tables, or ad recessed lighting on a covered awning. These are just some of the ways to add lighting to the space so you can enjoy the long warm evenings.  

Idea #3:
Focus on comfort.
Having the closeness of family and friends around you is one of the best parts about having a patio space that can accommodate social gatherings. Making your patio space comfortable means that people will naturally want to hang out there – they will feel invited, cozy, and welcome. To create a comfortable area, find patio furniture that is soft and inviting with decorative soft pillows or throw blankets (perfect for when the evening air gets chilly). Find some special vases that can be decorated with fresh flowers and used on tables and consider adding a free standing patio heater. Display beautiful serving trays for desserts or drinks and soon you’ll have the ingredients for an evening of entertaining.

Imagine all the memories you’ll create and all the fun you’ll be able to have with a decorated patio! No matter how big or small your space is, you can maximize the area and transform it into something that beckons people outside.

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