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Top Color Trends for 2016

May 21, 2016

When it comes to home design and décor, every year there seems to be a new trend in color and style. For 2016, interior design experts have predicted what colors will be popular in the coming months. What hues speak your language?  

Hot color trend #1: Purples
When you think of purple, think elegance, sophistication, and warmth. Lilac hues are surprisingly soothing and deep violet colors are romantic and royal. These purple tones are especially trendy this year, particularly when they’re paired with warm tones such as grays or blues. Perfect for a living room or dining room, purple tones can make the room look warm and inviting.

Hot color trend #2: Creamy Blues
Milky blue tones are incredibly serene and are perfect for both interior and exterior use. These blues are made even more wonderful when accented with black or white. Some of the blues are reminiscent of French or other European design. Creamy blues that have gray tones pair well with bright yellow or orange, which will make more of a bold design statement to any room.

Hot color trend #3: Dark Teal
This is a very versatile color choice and works well for homes that have rich wood on the interior or exterior. Accent with fresh whites, brass, or golds. This color is both glamorous and contemporary and would work in a variety of interior rooms including a powder room or office.

Hot color trend #4: Bold Green
Rich emerald greens are emerging as one of the hot color choices for a variety of rooms, even dining rooms. This color is rich, vibrant, and exciting, and works with both modern and traditional design preferences. Layer the room with neutral furnishings and accessories to make it stand out even more.

Hot color trend #5: Whites
When you think of white, don’t think boring. White interiors and exteriors are anything but boring if you balance it out with pops of color – whether it’s with furnishings, small accents, or vivid art pieces. For those that don’t love bright colors, use white, then accent with dark gray tones or black. You’ll give your space a simple, timeless look that is enveloping and fresh.
Your home is your oasis. Whether you live in a small and cozy cottage or a spacious one level home, the color and design style that speaks to you allows you to create the ambience and subtle beauty that transforms your house into a home.

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