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“Bootiful” Halloween Décor For Your Home

October 7, 2016

Idea #1: Create a festive front door. 
Your front door is one of the first places your guests will notice, especially when little ones come trick or treating! Consider adding a Halloween-style wreath or wrap your door in “caution” tape and hang bats or ghosts around the top.

Idea #2: Use a pumpkin as a planter.
Pick out some big pumpkins and transform them into a planter! Big orange or white pumpkins work great for this project and all you have to do is hollow out the inside and plant some lovely fall flowers or plants inside. You can line your front walkway, porch, or steps to the front door with some and soon you’ll have color and a festive fall look for the front of your home.  

Idea #3: Carve your pumpkins.
Carving pumpkins is a great family activity, so gather a mix of big and small pumpkins and carve them into a spooky greeting. Your imagination is the limit! Spell out Happy Halloween, BOO, or carve a scary face into the side. Penciling letters helps, then drill holes into the pumpkin to spell or draw out your creation. Light them and you’ll have some fun messages to create your guests with.  

Idea #4: Keep things classic.
If you’re not into creepy crawlies or goblins and ghosts, you can decorate your home in some elegant autumn décor. Consider adding some hay bales near your door, some buckets with berry branches and twigs cut from a nearby park or your yard, and wrap a garland around your handrails accented with leaves in red, orange, and yellow.

A little bit of decorating for autumn can go a long way, and it can be a fun way to create curb appeal!

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