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Latest Trends in Dining Room Lighting

September 20, 2016

Whether it’s a magnificent chandelier or modern track lighting, you’ll want to be sure that your light fixture provides ample light while also complementing the overall style of the home.  Here are some of the most popular light fixtures in homes right now. 

Option #1: Chandeliers.
Looking to make your dining space a bit more elegant? A chandelier is the perfect way to add sophistication and beauty. It also adds a focal point to the room. Crystal chandeliers are very popular right now, especially for homes that have traditional dining room spaces. Those that have dangling crystals are a great accent for homes that have dark wood floors or darker wall colors.

Option #2: Sconces.
Wall sconces are mounted straight to the walls of the home. If you already have enough general lighting but are looking for some additional ambiance, sconces are a great accent feature. Install them onto wall corners and are a good way to create a more intimate, cozy feel to the space.

Option #3: Pendant lighting.
Looking for versatile lighting? Pendant lights are hung from a single chain and can be easily integrated into all sorts of décor. You can buy them in bright colors or lighter shades so you can easily contrast them with whatever design style you have in your home. There are also beautiful chandelier pendants that are available that can light up any area with classic elegance. 

Option #4: Track lighting.
If you have a home that’s modern or contemporary, industrial-style track lighting is a great look. These lights are very bright and easy to install. You can have them flush to the ceiling are dangled from chains. Mini-lanterns and spotlights are some of the most common styles of track lighting. 

Your home is your oasis and a statement of who you are, so no matter what style you prefer for your dining room, there is a light that will transform the area into something that is inviting and warm.

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