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Production, semi-custom, custom homes. What’s the difference?

Production homes: These are homes that are pre-planned and leave little to no options for customization. These homes are generally built by larger companies with the intent of fulfilling a need for first time home buyers. If you’re looking for a “cookie cutter” home — something simple that allows you to have something new, a production home might be a great option.

Semi-custom homes: Here, clients get to choose from a pre-determined set of floor plans. Within these plans, clients are able to choose from certain finishes including specific tiles, carpets, countertops, lighting, hardware, or exterior features. This is a step up from the production home concept and gives clients the option to personalize their home a little bit more, giving them a bit more of their own “stamp” on it.

Custom homes: This is where our team shines! Custom homes allow the client to bring their own floor plan, or we can design a custom floor plan specifically for them. Custom homes still have plenty of items that the builder will select, such as frame lumber, concrete requirements, and other structural necessities, but the “selections” are based on what the client’s budget and desires are. The beauty of a custom home is that it really can be custom – the tile can be from Italy, or the stones could be from their favorite stream in Colorado. When a client wants to build a custom home, the budget usually dictates how limited their options are.

If you’re thinking that now is the right time to purchase your home and put your unique touch on it, we’re ready to help you! Contact our team at Alder Fine Homes today and we’ll get everything started to put you on the path toward home ownership!

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