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Spring Home Maintenance Tips


#1: Check your roof. Spring brings a variety of weather and storms, so in order to prepare for whatever weather happens, check your roof closely to make sure shingles are in place. If you notice any missing or cracked shingles, be sure to contact your local roofing professional to get them fixed or replaced. If you don’t, you could risk extensive damage to the roof and layers underneath, which could be an expensive fix later down the road.

#2: Add color to your yard with new plants. Spring flowers are gorgeous and it’s the perfect time of year to get your yard looking good again. Head to your favorite yard and garden shop and find some flowers or plants that will work well in your space. If you have an area for a garden, late spring is the perfect time to get things planted so they can grow and mature as the weather turns warmer.

#3: Check the gutters. Winter weather often clogs the gutters, so if you have noticed that your gutters are slow to drain or that they aren’t working at all, make sure to clean out debris, dirt, and leaves. If they don’t drain correctly, water damage could occur in your basement, near the foundation, or crawlspace.

#4: Get your heating and cooling system serviced. Annual maintenance of your heating and cooling system is important, as it allows professionals to make sure that both the inside and outside components of the system are working properly and are ready to tackle the upcoming spring and summer heat.

#5: Declutter. Tired of the clutter that has built up over the winter months? Start clearing out your closets and garage spaces and get rid of what you don’t need or want. Set a pile to the side for donation and a portion that you want to resell at a garage sale or on online sites.

#6: Paint. Does the outside of your house need a fresh coat of paint? Get your home painted during the spring, when the weather is cooler! A new coat of paint can do wonders for curb appeal. Maybe the inside of your home needs some new paint, too. New paint can revitalize a room and make it feel like new.

#7: Replace the batteries in your smoke detector. Each spring, change the batteries in the smoke detectors around your home. This is something that is easily neglected, but it’s incredibly important. A simple change like this can mean the difference between life and death!

These spring home maintenance tips are simple yet will work wonders for the overall liveability and comfort of your home, so get there and enjoy the spring weather while you work.

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