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Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

November 15, 2016

Idea #1: Personalized place settings.
Small details can make a big statement when it comes to decorating your Thanksgiving table. This year, consider making handmade post cards at each chair with each guest’s name on them. Or, decorate the table with decorative white and orange pumpkins and wrap the handmade place cards around the pumpkin for a personal touch.

Idea #2: Add a fall floral centerpiece.
The colors of autumn are truly unlike anything else, so take advantage of the beautiful fall by creating a floral centerpiece that will add some bright beauty to the table. Adding pumpkins to an arrangement that is made up of red, orange, and yellow can also be a great addition.

Idea #3: Handmade thank you notes.
At each place setting, write a little thank you note for each guest about why you are thankful for them. This is not only a kind and memorable thing to do, but it also gets into the spirit of the day: thankfulness!

Idea #4: Bring out the decorative dishes.
Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to bring out those fancy dishes that you don’t use during the rest of the year. Maybe it’s your grandma’s fine china that was passed down to you or you have some inexpensive seasonal plates that have bold patterns on them that you could use to make your table sparkle. Decorative dishes are perfect for the Thanksgiving meal.

With some little creativity and attention to detail, your Thanksgiving table will be dressed to impress all of your special guests.

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