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Tips for maintaining a new home

Everything is new and fresh and you get to start from scratch in a new space. The interior and exterior of the home looks wonderful and everything is working well. So, how do you keep it that way? Here are some helpful tips on maintaining a new home. Tip #1: Make a maintenance checklist & stick with it. It’s important to make checklists for chores that need to be done both in and out of your home. Keeping on top of simple maintenance to-dos on a regular basis will relieve stress in the long run. Invest in some supplies that you’ll need, such as lawn tools, cleaning materials, and paintbrushes. Store them in a contained area so when it comes time to do your maintenance, you can just grab everything you need rather than putting it off because you don’t have the materials you need. Tip #2: Find reputable professionals that can help you with the big to-dos. Some things should be left to the professionals. For bigger maintenance items like annual HVAC tune-ups, roof repairs, or gutter cleaning, do research on local area companies that have good ratings and positive reviews. Have a list of reputable professionals to call on in case there is a checklist item that you’re not capable of tackling yourself. Tip #3: Stay organized. Clutter around your home not only looks messy, but it can add extra work to your life. When you first move into your home, take the time to organize everything right off the bat. Keeping organized reduces your stress level and helps keep dirt, dust, and germs from collecting in areas that are harder to clean. It’s great to have a “lived-in” look inside of your home, but when the clutter becomes out of control, it can often feel uninviting. Maintaining a new home will reap big rewards in the overall care of your home, keeping it in great condition for many years to come. If you’ve been considering making the leap to build your dream home, contact our team at Alder Fine Homes today. We’re in the business of helping people get their dream homes built.
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