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How to use natural light in your home’s design

Using natural light in your home, otherwise known as “daylighting”, provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere in any room, but it also has some other great benefits!

Benefit #1: You’ll save energy. Natural light will bring warmth from the sun and can serve as a heating source when those chilly autumn days start. This means you’ll be able to use less energy and you may even see a reduction in your utility bill. If you have energy efficient windows, this is also a great way to save cash on your utility costs. Not to mention, they look great and can be a wonderful way to let in that natural light!

Benefit #2: It brings comfort. Do you have a favorite spot in a special chair or a cozy area in your living room that you enjoy relaxing in? Learn how to use the sun’s position at various points in the day to find a comfortable spot and kick back. Maximizing and controlling the daylight effectively will help keep your home the temperature you want, too. During the cooler months, keep your shades open so you can get heat from the light coming through. In the warmer months, keep the blinds cracked so the direct sunlight doesn’t heat your space too much and make it too hot or stuffy.

Benefit #3: Natural light is great for your mind and body. Without natural light, the human body and mind can start to suffer. Natural light can bolster productivity, increase concentration, and sometimes it just makes our hearts feel lighter. If you have lots of windows in your home, keep the blinds or curtains open regularly so you can take advantage of the beautiful sun that your body craves. If you have garden windows or other window spaces that allow you to grow plants, consider doing that so you can not only enjoy the space, but add some additional beauty to it, too.

Thinking about building your dream home? Talk to us about your options! We’ll not only help you find the right layout and design for your home, but we can help you design a home that gives you the windows that allow you to experience the beauty of the outdoors from the inside comfort of your own home. Autumn is a great time to get the ball rolling on a custom home, so contact us today!

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